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A moment of unity

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS After violence pierces U.S. cities and towns, Americans come together. Later politics can drive them apart. Or not, maybe just this once. As a grim Monday morning dawned in Las Vegas, Nevada representatives...

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America rises above its grievances

By MICHAEL GERSON Who is left to defend the simple, often admirable, sometimes disappointing, American experience? Our politics seems deeply divided between those who think the country is going to hell in a handcart and those...

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Bills already circling capitol

Every few months, all the legislators and lobbyists come back to the Capitol and participate in what is called Legislative Days.We have committee hearings which mostly are informational—we hear from agencies on how they are...

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Can we avoid a health care horror?

By E.J. DIONNE JR. It is difficult to decide which is the worst aspect of the Republicans’ latest try at repealing Obamacare: the irresponsibility, the cruelty or the lies. There is only one reason the Senate is even considering...

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A representative for all?

To the Editor: Seriously?  Our state representative, Bill Post, is back on the air and this time on the crazy station—opening act for the likes of Hair Club model Sean Hannity and Alex Jones. I get it; I understand the allure of...

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