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Pucker up for Lemonade Day

An early 20th century American president was misquoted as saying, “The business of America is business.” His actual quote was, “The chief business of the American people is business.” The meaning can be said to be the same....

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Where are the adults?

By ERIC A. HOWALD I’m fine, I tell myself while following an employee of the Salem-Keizer School District through the currently empty halls of Whiteaker Middle School in the minutes before students plan to walk out of class and...

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Yet another conversation

Here we go again. A community conversation, co-sponsored by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Community Development Department, will be Wednesday, Feb. 28 to discuss the future of River Road. We’ve been here before....

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Honoring multi-taskers

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce held its annual First Citizen banquet last Saturday and they hit it out of the park with the four who won awards. Joe Egli was announced as Keizer’s First Citizen Award to sustained applause. The...

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