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Pick your battles

Many people have found their political voice at every level of government in America. It is easy to express one’s opinion, especially if it is anonymously on social media. Conversations touching on everything from taxes to...

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Start of the holidays

Next Tuesday is Halloween, which has taken on a larger role in our modern-day culture. Most of the celebrating, especially by adults will presumably occur this weekend. It is inescapable that Halloween is, for all intents and...

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You, too?

Social media has been filled with posts that say “Me, too,” over the past week or so. That two word message alludes to the fact that the poster had been a victim of sexual harassment. The ‘Me, too’  campaign started after it was...

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Gorge fire started by ignorance?

With half of Oregon seemingly on fire, it is no surprise that Keizer—miles from the nearest wildfire—suffers from smoke hanging over us. The irritation of unhealthy air is minor compared to those who livelihoods and homes have...

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