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Time for a good buddy tale

By DEBRA SAUNDERS Americans needed a good buddy movie after a deranged gunman targeted Republicans practicing for a bipartisan ballgame to raise money for charities last week. The attack left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise,...

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Backlash builds against Griffin

By DEBRA SAUNDERS By mid-week last week, comedian Kathy Griffin had apologized for posing for a photo with what looked like the blood-soaked decapitated head of President Donald Trump. “I went too far,” she said in a contrite...

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Trump flexes U.S. muscle

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS President Donald Trump may find Washington a hostile home lurking with political foes who want payback for his harsh rhetoric on the campaign trail. Funny thing, though: On his first foreign trip as...

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A wealthy nation’s health problem

By GENE H. McINTYRE There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House, each representing close to 733,000 of their fellow Americans. This number is derived from the U.S. population number of 318.9 million by the 2010 census.  The...

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Which story are we sticking to?

By DEBRA SAUNDERS President Donald Trump did himself no favor last week when he went on NBC News and essentially refuted the reason his team had given the press for why he fired FBI Director James Comey. Trump told NBC’s Lester...

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