Author: Derek Wiley

McNary presents Class of 2016

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Kacey McCallister and Serena Dufour challenged McNary’s Class of 2016 to try new things because failure is inevitable. “What good is life if you never try to do something remarkable?” asked McCallister, a 2004 graduate who delivered the keynote speech. “Get out there and be successful.” McCallister used his own examples of failing in cross country and wrestling at McNary before learning from his mistakes and winning district titles in both sports. “Congratulations on the completion of a journey,” said Dufour, who was one of two student speakers.  “One chapter closes and the next one opens and whether you are an attorney or the one that bags my groceries, my one wish for you is to enjoy life, to fail and mess up and try again, so that when another opportunity knocks, you open the door. Try things you’ve never tried before.” Dufour added that the mistakes and accomplishments made in high school do not define who one will become. We are still the future generation,” she said. “We are still young. We will grow and change and expand and experience failure and success.” The other senior speaker, Malcolm Salazar, compared high school to a movie and graduation marked the ending. “This day is the beginning of our ending,” he said. “Because of this many of us are worried about our next movie—the...

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