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Staying in balance becomes harder and harder

Homeostasis, as defined, refers to the tendency of a body to maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes. It can also refer to a state of psychological equilibrium when tension or a troubling difficulty has been reduced or eliminated. Looking back on my life recalls many a time when my homeostasis was fine-tuned and when it didn’t work to benefit my physical and mental well being. There were instances where I was out of sorts due to employment matters as well as others where my personal life and people in it were a lot less than helpful to my emotional health.  Simply expressed, stresses and strains from multiple sources have resulted in good and bad consequences. There have been examples from political goings-on that provided me cheer and those that appeared to threaten me and the homeostasis of my country. In my lifetime, examples that stood out to influence how I felt and afforded sure-footedness were the election of politicians I could believe in.  To the contrary, I think of how upset and even despondent I was as a young man when I learned that President John Kennedy was assassinated while I was heartened indeed by the leadership of President Lyndon Johnson to establish Medicare and the Voting Rights Act, both in 1965. There are, as well, events from U.S, history considered by Americans as positive and negative.  Without a great leap of imagination for what came before...

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Vet’s family gets new Habitat home

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A Salem family has a new home in Keizer thanks to the efforts of Salem Habitat for Humanity. Greg, Olivia, Joshua and Ravyn Wuelfing were given the keys to their new home on Alexis Lane North at a dedication ceremony Saturday, Jan. 27. “Thank you,” Greg told the assembled crowd of about 40 volunteers and Habitat staff members. “It’s been a great learning experience and the amount of support, the generosity that we’ve been shown and given … we couldn’t ask for anything better.” The Wuelfings new home, half of a duplex that began construction last summer, was recently completed under the supervision of Construction Manager Dave Connell. Volunteers arrived in groups and as individuals over the course of the build and the Wuelfings were there as often as possible. “We’ve been physically out here building and we were here when it was dirt and bark dust. We were here for the foundation and tried to be out here at every stage,” said Olivia. “It’s amazing to have something that is affordable for our kids to grow up in.” Heather Wilson, Habitat’s director of volunteer engagement, said the Wuelfings were the ideal partners in the project. “They’ve been out here and engaged working alongside the volunteers,” Wilson said. Prior to receiving the keys to their new home, the Wuelfings were living in town...

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Athlete of the Week: Nicolette Parra

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: NICOLETTE PARRA McNary High School wrestler McNary sophomore Nicolette Parra finished second at the girls wrestling state qualifier at Thurston High School on Jan. 26-27. Parra’s weight class, 135, featured 47 girls from across the state. She advanced to the finals with five pins, three in the first period and two in the second. Sarah Conner, a USA Freestyle national champion, won the tournament. Parra will wrestle in the first OSAA-sanctioned girls state tournament on Feb. 16-17 in...

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