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A serene morning shattered

By TIM KELSH On Saturday, June 2, the serenity of a beautiful morning overlooking the Willamette River in Keizer was ruined by semi-automatic gunfire from across the river in Polk County. Approximately 500 rounds were fired that...

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City officials need to protect

To the Editor: Bullets continue to fly across the Willamette River, this time on June 2 into a home on the river and barely missing  the resident. This, after an incident last Sept. 10 when a hail of bullets sent park-goers...

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Keep cats indoors

To the Editor: I read the June 8 letter to the editor (#Justice for Shadow) written by Lori Beyeler.  She let her cat outside and a neighbor trapped it and released it miles away. It is wonderful that she did find her cat.  I...

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