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Police fee approved without dissent

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes With a unanimous vote, the Keizer City Council approved the city’s first-ever fee for a city service other than a utility, $4 a month to create a dedicated fund for police staffing. The council addressed the matter in two parts, the first was an ordinance imposing the fee, the second was a resolution setting the amount. The fee will be added to monthly bills for sewer and water services, but the bills themselves might be getting a name change to something akin to a “city services bill.” Since utilities are billed bimonthly,...

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McNary D-II squad finishes summer at state tournament

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary’s run in the Division II state baseball tournament ended with two one-run losses. After falling to North Eugene 6-5 on Thursday, July 13, the Celtics again came up short in an 8-7 loss to South Medford on Friday, July 14 at Thurston High School in Eugene. “We weren’t able to score late in the game to win but I thought we pitched well,” McNary coach Jordan Keeker said of the first game. “We played pretty good defense. We just couldn’t get the situational hit.” McNary’s team was made up of mostly rising...

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Paying for Keizer’s livability

The Keizer City Council has passed new fees to support the police department and the city’s 19 parks. Each fee is $4 per month that is added to the water/sewer bills (the bi-monthly addition to invoices total will be $16). The collection of the new fees will start in November. Instead of receiving a water bill, homeowners and business owners will receive a city services invoice which include the two new fees. The approval of the two fees was not done in a vacuum; it was not done in the dark nor away from public scrutiny. The discussion of a parks fee has been in public arena for more than a year; both hearings and public forums have been held to unveil the current state of our parks as well as how much money is needed to maintain them. Both the parks fee and the public safety fee will be dedicated—meaning revenues from each fee may only be used for parks or police and cannot be diverted to any other part of the city’s budget. The city’s charter and state law allows the council to impose a service fee. It is the imposition of a tax that requires a vote of the people. Again, the council did not approve the two fees lightly. A detailed survey about parks was sent to every Keizer home earlier this year asking about...

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