To the Editor:

Keizer has some rules to keep our neighborhoods livable: seventy-two hour parking limits on streets, prompt graffiti remediation, house maintenance, vision clearance at intersections, vegetation heights over roads and walkways, to name a few.

On November 2, I spoke to a female officer on Allendale Way while we looked at four vehicles illegally parked. All had been there at least 30 days. The Harley had no plate and the clutch lever has been stolen. The Ford Escape had plates that expired January, 2017. The Ford van in front of that never moves. The Honda in front of that had no plate, tags or temporary. I told her about an abandoned Jimmy with expired plates two blocks further down the street. I told her of a black pickup with no engine and expired  plates across the street from that. She indicated she was aware of the location and would coordinate with Code Enforcement. I took her at her word.

Nothing happened.

On November 10, I took pictures of the vehicles as well as three more with expired plates within one mile.

On November 13, I took the pictures to the police station and reported the violations again.

It’s November 21 and not one vehicle has been marked, tagged or towed. (The Honda was gone by January 13.)

A stop sign and utility boxes were tagged at Noren/Keizer Road on or about Oct. 1. Keizer’s Public Works Department fixed the sign immediately, yet the utility boxes have not been addressed. Some 60 feet of fence on Noren at the south end of Kennedy’s playground is still unaddressed.

I expect the City to do what it says it will do.

Dave LeDoux