Winners of the 2018 Black, White and Gray Show at the Keizer Art Association were announced at a reception on Saturday, Nov.10. Livonia Sallee’s three-dimensional piece, Geometrics was named best in show. Sallee used the torso of a mannequin as a base and attached a variety of beads.

Greta Garbo, by Michael Dora took home first place in two-dimensional art.

To be entered each of the show’s pieces were required to be black, white and/or gray, including any mattes and frames.

Other winners of the show were:

Two dimensional:

First place: Greta Garbo, pencil, by Michael Dora;

Second place: Concrete and Spheres, Donna Lee;

Third place: Wait for the Ferry, digital, Gary Olsen-Hasek;

Juror’s merit: Turbaned, stippling, Kathy Haney


First place: Weisman Noir, Gary Oslen-Hasek;

Second place: Tucked in for the Winter, Bill Aiello;

Third place: Omnipotent, Karen Aiello;

Juror’s merit: Back Alley, Winslow, John DeJarnatt

Three dimensional:

First place: Shining Through, fabric, Kristin Bonn;

Second place: Frazzled Chickadee, mixed media, Hannele Gauthier;

Third place: Basket, textile, Jody Farley.

Kids’ Art award winner was Evie McCarthy for Mice! Party on!