Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community spent the weekend of Nov. 9-11 honoring its veteran residents and all veterans in unique ways.

On Friday, residents were treated to a performance by members of the Oregon National Guard’s 234th Army Band. On Saturday, residents and neighbors received a flyover courtesy of the 142nd Fighter Wing of the U.S. Air Force.

Willamette Lutheran is home to 22 veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, and two recently-passed veterans.

Veterans living or employed in the community are: Donald Adams, radio personnel, U.S. Navy, Korean War vet; Richard Baker, 21st Mobile Weather Corps, Army, World War II (WWII) vet; Lloyd Beutler, engineer operator, Army, Korea; Ricard Cooper Chief Warrant Officer-Ret., Army National Guard; Arryanna Espinoza, vehicle mechanic, Army; Chad Evans, Afghan police trainer and convoy security, Army National Guard; Lloyd Klassen, laundry, Navy, Korean War vet; Don Knepp, guided missile, Army Artillery, Korean War vet; Fred Peters, chaplain, Navy, WWII vet; Dick Plank, drill instructor and combat engineer, Army; Dennis Shell, artillery cannon crewman, Army; Nester Tan, Navy, WWII vet; Robert Thorley, electronics technician 3rd class, Navy, WWII vet; Jack Tincknell, water tender, Korean War vet; William Tinsman, tank battalion, Army National Guard and Army Nation Guard Band; Don Ullman, 21-year veteran of the Army National Guard specializing in artillery and tanks; Paul Wagler, military police, U.S. Airforce, WWII vet; and Jack Wetherson, electronics technician, Navy, Vietnam vet.

The weekend’s activities were dedicated to the memory of George Russell, an electronics technician with the Navy and Marines, and William Zweigart, a machinist mate with the Navy and WWII vet.