Day: September 21, 2018

Forget UGB when planning

There are those who plan based on their wishes, then there are those who plan based on present conditions. The city’s River Road Revitalization project is just in the talking stages, yet the topic gets tied up with an expansion...

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Council should vote for inclusion

To the Editor: Kudos to the Keizertimes for taking the courageous stand regarding hate crimes and prejudice in Keizer.  The well-written series of articles under the headline, A Simmering State of Hate was highly informative. I...

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Where is the outrage?

To the Editor: We all  now know a hate-bias incident has occurred in Keizer (Hispanic man assaulted waiting for son, Keizertimes, Aug. 31, 2018). This behavior should not be tolerated. Voices should be raised saying “Not in my...

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