Day: June 8, 2018

To the class of 2018

By graduation day most of McNary’s class of 2018 will have decided what they will do next—work, travel, enter the military or prepare for college. Some of you will toss your mortar boards into the air at the ceremony vowing to...

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Water, the Keizer way

Keizer businesses and citizens are due a standing ovation for the way they helped our neighbors to the south amid their contaminated water crisis last week. A health advisory for Detroit Lake was issued due to toxics from...

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Shots across the river

Homeowners along the Willamette River have been concerned about stray bullets being fired onto the Keizer side of the river. They are fearful that someone could get hurt, even testifying before the Keizer City Council  imploring...

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To the Editor: When my cat went missing on May 23, I learned a resident here at Briarwood Estates traps cats. I started investigating. I put up missing cat flyers. I talked with a lot of neighbors that did not know, like me,...

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