To the Editor:

I think we all agree that we need to restore to the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) the sense of balance between law enforcement and promotion of a healthy business climate. That is why I urge voters of all stripes to vote for Lou Ogden.

Mr. Ogden, unlike his principal opponent, has owned a business subject to the jurisdiction of BOLI. He knows first-hand the type of impact regulations passed by the legislature and enhanced through administrative rules promulgated by the Bureau exert on businesses both small and large. Businesses forced to focus on compliance have little time to innovate and grow to become all they want to be.

Mr. Ogden has also been on the front line of the effort to make at least a portion of Oregon a great place to work and do business. The City of Tualatin has flourished during the 17 years he has been its mayor to become one of the most desirable communities in which to live. The city exemplifies the great balance between residential and industrial interests that lure both to settle there and prosper.

Mr. Ogden is also the only candidate who has learned how to think as a non-partisan. Despite his opponent’s efforts to show otherwise, she cannot escape the bonds that tie her to the partisan leadership roles she has relished in the legislature. It’s time to restore balance to BOLI. It’s time for Lou Ogden.

Davis I. Dyer