Day: April 13, 2018

He left the world a better place

To the Editor: Our Keizer and Salem communities lost a wonderful gentleman on Easter Sunday, April 1. John Jenkins died peacefully at his home in Keizer at age 94, with his wife Regina at his side. John and Regina met and...

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ISIS getting foothold in Sahel

To the Editor: There is talk about ISIS making a comeback in Syria, and President Trump’s talk of simply walking away from the place certainly doesn’t help matters; but, a case can be made that it’s in the African Sahel that the...

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Can moderation get up off the mat?

By MICHAEL GERSON In the world of progressive politics, all eyes are turned to Great Britain. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, represents progressivism in its most uncompromising form. He and his party are proposing...

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Success in college sports

When the last whistle blew, the final foul called, and the men’s and women’s champions decided, March Madness 2018 came to its close last month. With the winners determined, there were ecstatic folks at Notre Dame and Villanova...

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