To the Editor:

We have to support the kids. They are eloquent in their speeches, their signs and slogans, and their tenacity.

The Second Amendment is not at fault, but things change after 231 years or so. Our Founding Fathers could not have envisioned or imagined the weapons of today. The framers of the Constitution would not have approved of modern military assault weapons being so pervasive in our society and would be appalled at what is happening in our society today.  They would want kids to live and thrive.

Our current leaders will not fix this. So kids, it is up to you. Stay in school and study hard. Keep your message simple and clear. Resist compromise and don’t agree to meaningless offers. Don’t let up and don’t give up. Don’t let outside interests take over your cause. Be patient and expect ups and downs.

As soon as you are old enough, get registered and vote. Don’t worry about politics, parties and party lines. Support candidates who support your ideas and goals and who have a vision for our country that you share.

As soon as you are old enough, run for office and get elected! Hand out fliers, stand on corners, and knock on doors. Don’t sell out and don’t get bought out.  Stay true to yourself and to those who support you. Run for local and state office and eventually for Congress.  Bring fresh ideas and needed change to our government and our institutions.

Today’s kids will one day be our leaders and their youth and idealism will serve our country well. Among them are our future presidents. Let’s not dampen their enthusiasm.

Jim Parr