During December there are many choices to hear holiday music in Keizer and from Keizerites.

The music programs at Keizer’s schools are recognized as some of the finest in the state of Oregon. Their concerts are sophisticated and approachable.

Whether or not your household has a child in any school music program, it is an inexpensive evening of holiday entertainment. Attending the concert of the McNary High School choirs will leave one with chills at the excellence and mastery of the students. The same can be said of both Whiteaker and Claggett Creek middle schools.

Outside of the schools, the annual Keizer Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 5, will be filled with carols everyone knows and can sing along with.

You might be lucky enough this season to be serenaded by wandering carolers. At the least you can brave the winter night air on Dec. 9 to watch the Keizer Holiday Lights Parade.

There’s music in the air. Enjoy it.