Day: December 1, 2017

Celtics open season with win over Grants Pass

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary boys basketball coach Ryan Kirch said Chandler Cavell and Lucas Garvey could have started on most teams last season. In the 2017-18 opener, the two McNary seniors began proving it as Cavell poured in 23 points and Garvey added 16 as the Celtics defeated Grants Pass 68-54 on Thursday, Nov. 30. “I’ve been waiting all year for this. I love it. I’m so excited,” Cavell said. “My teammates ran the lanes and got me open. They’re the reason I got open so much and just staying aggressive.” Cavell scored the first basket...

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CCMS media specialist wins Crystal Apple

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Sheila Morales, media specialist at Claggett Creek Middle School, felt guilty when she was nominated for one of the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation’s Crystal Apples. “You could nominate anyone at this school,” Morales said. “Everybody here is so hardworking.” But Morales’ colleague’s couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. “The Claggett library is a sanctuary for students who don’t feel at home anywhere else in the school,” wrote Terra Shiffer, a former CCMS teacher. “It’s a place where hungry students come to get a snack, and exhausted teachers come for help with copying, laminating and...

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Young Lady Celts to play small ball

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Paige Downer remembers what it was like to play on the varsity team as a freshman. “I didn’t feel confident,” Downer said. “I was intimated by all the older girls.” As one of four seniors on McNary’s girls basketball team, Downer wants to make sure that these four freshmen are more comfortable. That should be easier since Downer played with them through the Keizer Youth Basketball Association. “It’s just been a blast getting to know all of these girls,” Downer said. “We work so well together. And I think that will definitely come...

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Vincent, Ebbs lead wrestling program

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary junior Enrique Vincent is excited to see what he can accomplish with a whole season of wrestling. “I realized last year with only two weeks of practice, I made it that far,” said Vincent, who returned from an injury late in the season to finish third in the state at 120 pounds. “I wondered what could happen if I worked as hard the whole entire season and the offseason.” Vincent went to camp at Oregon State University over the summer and even trained with Ronnie Bresser, the Beaver’s 125-pounder, who was a...

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Keep the net neutral

The Federal Communications Commission is on track to end neutrality on the world wide web in December. The public needs to rise up, contact their Congressional representatives and demand that net neutrality be maintained. Net neutrality may be a term that technical folks understand; the term itself is not Average Joe friendly. What is it? Why does it matter? Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers must treat all data on the the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication For instance, under...

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