Day: November 17, 2017

Diede signs to play D-I volleyball

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary senior Valerie Diede has wanted to play volleyball in college for as long as she can remember. “I think I always knew I wanted to play in college, pretty much ever since I was little,” Diede said. “I always looked up to the big girls. We would go to U of O games and I would always love watching them. I knew I loved playing volleyball so why not play in college.” On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Diede officially became one of those “big girls,” signing with the University of Hartford, a Division...

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School district bond should include new McNary orchestra space

Twenty years ago, a bond measure was passed that was responsible for the creation of a dedicated music wing at McNary High School. This new music wing included new, spacious rehearsal areas for both band and choir. However, the intended orchestra room was inadequate for the needs of four full orchestras now in the program, and will only increase in size as the next generation of string musicians come in. The “Ensemble Room” has unfortunately been relegated to being only a storage space for instruments and a practice room for small groups, because of the size of each of the four ensembles. Consequently, the orchestra program has resorted to sharing space in the dedicated choir room, but the choir program has more than 250 students that often come and go during instructional time. This has created issues with both the choir and the orchestra interrupting each other’s rehearsals. Not only do they share a space with one another during the school day, but the room is often overbooked by multiple ensembles for their rehearsals, section practices, and faculty meetings after school.   Additionally, preparing the choir room rehearsals everyday means setting up music stands and chairs, as well as tearing down after practice, which takes up precious class time. This issue has also been responsible for the delay of the next class that takes place in the room and...

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Keizer turns out for bond forum

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Of the first four bond measure forums, Lillian Govus, director of community relations for the Salem-Keizer School District, said McNary High School’s drew by far the largest crowd as more than 70 people packed into the library on Monday, Nov. 13 to see how Keizer schools would benefit from a nearly $620 million bond package. About half of the attendees were focused on McNary, which would receive $42 million to build 14 new general classrooms, one new science lab, one flexible lab space and two Career and Technical Education spaces. The money would...

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A glorious holiday for every home

Does anyone need to be reminded that next week is Thanksgiving? Television is filled with soft-focus ads showing families enjoying preparing and eating the holiday dinner. This weekend every store that sells groceries will be packed with shoppers picking the fixings for dinner. Many of us will step back and marvel at the sight of the table with its themed-holiday centerpieces, the ‘good’ china and cloth napkins. After dinner many will either be cleaning up, suffering a food coma or watching a football game. Some, though fewer of us, will be preparing for the frenzy of the Black Friday sales at stores and malls throughout the region. Roll back the tape of that Norman Rockwell-esque scene and start over at a Keizer household where abundance is rarely seen and the reasons to give thanks seem to belong to someone else. In a rich nation there are too many families who can’t take part in the great American pageant of our Thanksgiving rituals. The lucky families are able to get to the food bank for generous donations of food. The unlucky families treat Thanksgiving as just another Thursday. We ask that as Keizer families shop for their Thanksgiving dinner, they add extra items to their basket that can be donated to help every family enjoy the holiday. Every store has a bin for food donations that will be donated to...

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District should pay for Newberg

To the Editor: On Oct. 12, I attended a meeting at McNary High School regarding parking and traffic issues on Newberg Drive. The meeting was hosted by McNary Principal Erik Jespersen and Salem Keizer Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Michael Wolfe. Each of these individuals stated that they were concerned about the safety of students arriving at McNary High School, and wanted to stress that keeping the gate open to MacArthur Street was allowing a safe entrance. All the individuals that attended the meeting stated that this is not correct, and leaving the gate open to MacArthur is unsafe. Newberg Drive has no sidewalks or street lights for the safety of the students walking to school, whereas Celtic Way and Dice Lane both have sidewalks with street lights providing a safer entrance for the students. They then claimed that the students that live on Newberg would have to walk that much further to get around to these streets, which is also not true. There is only one student that lives on Newberg Drive, and his parents agree that the entrance on MacArthur is unsafe with all the cars driving in and out of the school parking lot. They prefer their student walks around, and he always has. The fact is, leaving the gate open on MacArthur is creating an unsafe environment to the students that are walking in the...

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