Day: October 27, 2017

Let’s talk about sex, maybe: Students, teachers united against reporting changes

Students, teachers united against reporting changes By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes An expansion of mandatory reporting policies in the Salem-Keizer School District isn’t sitting well with teachers or students at McNary High School. Teachers were notified in the second week of October that they would need to take an additional mandatory reporting training online and, by early last week, teachers, students and even parents were challenging the new rules in private and through petition and protest. “It’s really nice to be able to go to our teachers because there are some things you aren’t comfortable talking with your parents about. The teachers...

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Let’s talk about sex, maybe: District ‘clarifies’ mandatory reporting guidelines

District ‘clarifies’ mandatory reporting guidelines By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Christy Perry, superintendent of Salem-Keizer Public Schools, told the Keizertimes that a state law requiring teachers to mandatory report if they have reasonable cause to believe that two students under the age of 18 are having sexual contact isn’t new. The 13 slides sent to teachers in the Salem-Keizer School District last week were a clarification from a question about mandatory reporting recently asked by a member of the community. “That question came about so we spent quite a bit of time with many of our partners including...

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Pick your battles

Many people have found their political voice at every level of government in America. It is easy to express one’s opinion, especially if it is anonymously on social media. Conversations touching on everything from taxes to schools to the U.S. foreign policy is rife with angry words that leap off the computer screen:  outraged, angry, unbelievable, treason and worse. Either side of any issue its supporters and its detractors. People on both sides of any subject cannot believe that anyone would think opposite of themselves, and therefore are deserving of invectives. It is impossible to read through Facebook  or Twitter on any day and not see the words that people use to show their displeasure on the opinions or actions of others. This poster is outraged, that poster is angry. To what end? Most people know their rights when it comes to speech, religion and guns. Rights are one thing, societal responsibility is another. Even though we have the right to say and write that we are outraged over something, it doesn’t foster understanding, it only hardens people into silos of righteousness. It is our right to express anger at things we don’t agree with; it should be our responsibility to attempt to be part of a solution to the problem at hand. If neighbors disagree and throw verbal tantrums, disinterested spectators can be concerned about the level of...

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Start of the holidays

Next Tuesday is Halloween, which has taken on a larger role in our modern-day culture. Most of the celebrating, especially by adults will presumably occur this weekend. It is inescapable that Halloween is, for all intents and purposes, the beginning of holiday season. Yes, Halloween is a holiday to many people. From now until the Super Bowl, America and Keizer will be marking Thanksgiving, Channuka, Kwan-za, Christmas, New Year’s Day and football’s Super Bowl with parties, events, promotions and sales. A meeting of the Keizer Festival Advisory Board, led by Councilor Marlene Parsons, shows that there is a wide variety of events to enjoy right here in the Iris Capital. The Keizer Chamber of Commerce takes the lead of many events including the Holiday Parade in December and several runs, including the always-popular Turkey Dash early on Thanksgiving Day. As we move into December, the sound of music will be constant as every school has a band/orchestra/choir concert not to mention the appearance at the State Capitol by Keizer  school choirs. There will no reason not to be in the holiday mood. A family-centric and kid-friendly city like Keizer will always provide plenty to do, see and enjoy. For those who love holidays, you are in your time of bliss. For those who merely tolerate the holidays, you mark the season your own way and in your own tradition....

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Three branches of government

To the Editor: I have spent most of my long life in Oregon but I was born in England. Before I could become a U. S. citizen I had to learn about the American system of government. Three branches: Legislative, Executive and Judicial, each branch operating independently but also providing a “check and balance” to the other two. When did this system break down, allowing one man to use “executive orders” to bypass the other two? Is this not the way a dictatorship works? Beryl MacDonald...

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