Day: October 20, 2017

GVC adds Bend high schools

Salem-Keizer expects $700,000 per year in additonal travel costs By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes WILSONVILLE—Emotional parents, booster club presidents and athletic directors from West Salem, South Salem, Sprague and McKay as well as Salem-Keizer Superintendent Christy Perry all pleaded with the OSAA not to place three Bend schools in the Greater Valley Conference. But in the end it didn’t matter as the executive board voted 10-1 on Monday, Oct. 16 to approve the classification and districting committee’s final recommendation. Mary Lou Boderman, coordinator of Music and Drama in the Salem-Keizer School District and former band director at South...

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Keizer man headed to prison for at least 25 years in murder

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A Keizer man has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years after pleading guilty to stabbing another man after his car crashed into a tree. Darnell Harris, 37, was sentenced by Judge Tracy Prall for the murder of 32-year-old Andrew Ramon in Salem in November 2016. Salem police officers responded to a report of a single vehicle crash into a tree at the intersection of Liberty Street Southeast and Superior Street Southeast in Salem about 1:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 28, 2016. Officers found a Chevrolet Trail...

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McNary traveling to North Medford

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary head football coach Jeff Auvinen wanted the Celtics to remember last season’s opening drive against North Medford as they began preparing for the Black Tornadoes on Monday. “They went down the field on eight or 10 runs, no passes, and really came off the ball and backed us off the ball and stood us up,” Auvinen said. “They took it to us pretty good last year.” While North Medford won last year’s game at McNary 38-17, the score was tied 14-14 early in the second quarter before the Black Tornadoes really took...

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You, too?

Social media has been filled with posts that say “Me, too,” over the past week or so. That two word message alludes to the fact that the poster had been a victim of sexual harassment. The ‘Me, too’  campaign started after it was revealed that a Hollywood producer had paid out huge sums of money to a number of his accusers. That producer has since lost his company and has been kicked out of some organizations including the one that passes out the Academy Awards. It is good there is a ‘Me, too’ campaign; it brings the issue to the forefront of the  news. It does not necessarily bring it to the forefront of the collective consciousness. There are people who will  harass regardless of public norms. Harassment is, and always has been, a matter of power and control, not about sex. No one asks to be a victim of this behavior. No one invites inappropriate comments and physical touch. And certainly, no one is eager to have their career in the hands of a boss who uses their position to maintain control. Harassment has been part of the human condition forever. If you don’t put out, you’re put out. How does society stem the tide of this type of harassment? As all things, it needs to start at the beginning. We teach our children the golden rule—do unto...

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What if a band-aid cost $345?

By DON VOWELL Donald Trump doesn’t even care that I can’t afford a massive dose of Viagra.  I don’t really know that but it looks like the most reliable way to get his attention is to publicly insult him.  He invariably takes the bait and nothing is more public than this newspaper. One symptom of pulmonary fibrosis is pulmonary hypertension.  Fibrosis constricts your arteries and makes your heart work harder to pump blood through your lungs. You don’t want that for your lungs or your heart. The currently favored drug to open the arteries in your lungs, or any body part that might work better with increased blood flow, is Viagra.  My pulmonologist actually said a “massive dose of Viagra,” and then prescribed it. We live in a world today where no one has the sense to be embarrassed about anything so I figured it was alright if I showed up at the local pharmacy to pick up a massive dose of Viagra, despite some anxiety about advertised possible side effects.  I wore my portable oxygen generator so they could easily understand my legitimate G-rated need for this drug. At a dosage of three a day, my month’s supply was priced at $1,639.  I was just as unwilling as my insurance company to pay for the Viagra benefits as touted in television ads.  I tearfully explained that I was...

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