Day: September 29, 2017

McNary alumni make directorial debut

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Jeremy Clubb and Andrea Bean, two McNary High School graduates who haven’t stopped acting, building sets and playing music, are making their directorial debut with Keizer Homegrown Theatre’s Dog Park, The Musical. The pair were both heavily involved in the drama department while students at McNary, Clubb as an actor and Bean as a violin player in the orchestra pit. After high school, both acted in shows at Chemeketa Community College. From there, Clubb had a minor part in Keizer Homegrown’s first musical—I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change in 2014, then joined the theatre company’s board and has been involved in nearly every show since. Bean has played violin and conducted musicals for Pentacle Theatre in Salem.   Clubb and Bean were riding back from a show at the Gallery Theatre in McMinnville when the idea of directing Dog Park came up. Bean had been asked but didn’t want to go at it alone. “I can sing fairly well but I don’t read music very well,” Clubb said. “I don’t play any instruments. I would not be any help in that regard.” Bean turned out to be the perfect partner. “Since I’m the musical side and he’s more of the technical side and the experienced on stage, putting us together is kind of a dream team because where I lack he’s got...

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Murder conviction overturned

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The Appeals Court of Oregon has overturned the 2013 murder conviction of Peter Zielinski who was charged with the shooting death of his wife, Lisa, in January 2011. The court issued the opinion on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Peter Zielinski pleaded guilty to shooting and killing his wife in 2013 and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years, but his plea included the right to appeal. In the opinion issued by the court, Judge P.J. Armstong wrote that the facts of the case were undisputed. However,...

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McNary football goes to Forest Grove

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary (3-1) will go to Forest Grove (1-3) Friday, Sept. 29 with one of its leaders on both sides of the ball standing on the sideline. Lucas Garvey, the Celtics leading rusher and top cornerback, suffered a broken collarbone running the ball in the first quarter of a 21-7 win at McKay on Friday, Sept. 22. McNary head coach Jeff Auvinen expects Garvey to be out six weeks and in the meantime he’ll help the Celtics as an assistant coach. In Garvey’s absence, Junior Walling rushed for 171 yards on 29 carries at...

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Distractions in the face of tragedy

While millions of American citizens suffer without power and communication, millions of other American citizens are debating protests by players, coaches and owners of National Football League teams. As Puerto Rico’s 3 million people cope with the devastation that Hurricane Maria visited upon the island last week, President Trump attacks people—who play a game for a living—for being unpatriotic by taking a knee during the National Anthem played before football games. The president said he would visit Puerto Rico next week. Why is the suffering that Puerto Ricans are going through any different than what Texans or Floridians or Louisanders suffered after Harvey and Irma? The country opened its wallets for those states, held telethons that raised millions of dollars, yet, our territory in the Caribbean is left twisting in the wind. Many things have gone topsy turvy in America over the past 18 months. It’s no wonder that we latch onto a secondary story as if it were a matter of life and country. Football players protesting in the way they see best is not on the same scale as millions of Americans suffering from a natural disaster or the fact that in the face of a rising ecnomy, many American still feel unsettled and uncertain of their future. This is especially true when the United States is conducting a war of words with North Korea.  Does turning...

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Bills already circling capitol

Every few months, all the legislators and lobbyists come back to the Capitol and participate in what is called Legislative Days.We have committee hearings which mostly are informational—we hear from agencies on how they are doing on implementing bills, and sometimes discuss ideas for bills to introduce in the next session. This week the Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee met. We heard from the state forester on how the department did during the recent fire season. The information was incredible to hear and I am so proud of our forestry department. They did a tremendous job fighting the hundreds of fires scattered across our state. From the report, it looks like the fires were managed well on state and private lands, but the ones on the federal lands were the ones that went crazy. Some of the other issues being heard in the building this week are: Carbon cap and trade; the Equifax data breach; moving election dates;  and, gubernatorial appointees. Oregon is unique in many ways and one important thing we do that not every state does, is allow for citizens to repeal laws that the legislature has already passed, or put in place laws that the legislature refused to deal with. I think it’s indicative of the disconnect of this particular group of legislators that there are already 32 different petitions being circulated this fall. If you would like...

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