Day: August 25, 2017

Volcanoes take in the eclipse

By HERB SWETT Of the Keizertimes The Volcanoes kept fighting Monday, eclipse day, but fell to the visiting Hillsboro Hops 9-5. Believed to be the first eclipse-scheduled game in the history of professional baseball, the event drew 5,297 fans for the largest attendance not on a Fourth of July in Keizer Stadium history. They came from 34 states not including Oregon, as well as nine foreign countries: Australia, Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, England, Italy, Japan, Norway, and South Africa. Canadians came from British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Noah Petro, a research scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space...

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Join the campaign to decrease distracted driving in Oregon

Nearly 500 people died on Oregon roads in 2016, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. That is an increase of almost 60 percent in three years. Evidence concludes that many road deaths can be linked to distracted driving. Drive Healthy is a new campaign from the Oregon Department of Transporattion, Oregon State Patrol and AAA, begining Sept. 1,  to encourage healthy driving habits. They want to achieve a marked reduction in the number of people injured due to distracted drivers. Every three hours someone in Oregon is injured by a distracted driver, which is not surprising when up to 75 percent of Oregonians say they drive distracted. Healthy driving is defined as ‘hands on the wheel, mind on the road.’ That’s especially true here in the mid-Willamette Valley where traffic gets heavier year after year. Let’s face it, we’re really talking about people talking or texting on their cellphones while driving. When you drive look around and you’ll conclude that easily 75 percent of your fellow drivers are concentrating on their phone call or their text message rather than the car in front of them or on the sides of them The Drive Healthy campaign will endeavor to make healthy driving a winning proposition by having drivers install the LifeSaver app and participate as driving members of an organization or a group. Beginning Sept. 1,  the competition starts...

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Legislature can learn from Keizer

As I write this column, it’s Sunday afternoon, the day before the Eclipsealypse or whatever it will be called in the future. By the time you read this, you’ll have experienced something that is, maybe, a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I hope it was everything you wanted it to be. I want to express my sincere gratitude to many people in our little town called Keizer.  Our Mayor Cathy Clark, our city councilors: Laura Reid, Bruce Anderson, Amy Ryan, Roland Herrera, Kim Freeman and Marlene Parsons. The man who seems to get everything to happen in Keizer: Clint Holland.  Our wonderful police department led by Chief John Teague. Our fantastic fire district and its chief Jeff Cowan. I know I’m missing many but lastly Lyndon Zaitz and the crew at the Keizertimes.  These people and as I’ve said, many others, are part of what make Keizer the best little town in Oregon. As a state representative, I don’t try to get involved too much in city business but when I do have the opportunity I find that all of these folks and others, really help me to understand what “the volunteer spirit” truly is.  You see, though some of the people I’ve listed are, of course, paid employees, all of them do so much more than “their job” and go “above and beyond” to make Keizer the place that it...

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Eclipse event hits it out of Keizer Rapids Park

By MARLENE PARSONS Thank you,  Keizer! The Keizer Park Foundation’s solar eclipse event fundraiser at Keizer Rapids Park was a huge success and the citizens of Keizer were welcoming to our out-of-town guests. There are several people that helped pull all of this together and I would like to acknowledge them. David Louden for his tireless work on preparing the camping field for campers, providing security at night alongside his son Chris, and being available to the campers Allen Barker for his tireless work on preparing the camping field for campers, and being available to help the campers find their spots. Rich Palmer from the Keizer Parks Foundation gave up a few days of his time to also help out with staking out the camping spots to working the registration booth. Tom Thiele saved the day by bringing out his quads so that we could get around better in the fields and then he stayed and helped us for a few days. Trudy Thiele, Teagan, and Tyler for their help showing guests their camping spots. Bob Shackleford for bringing in sponsors: (Les Schwab, Keizer Vision Clinic, Earth Tech Landscape Solutions, Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, Keizer Elks, JC’s Pizza, Brian and April McVey Coldwell Banker, Mommy and Maddi’s, Home Smart Realty, Oregon Finest Custom Tile, Odd Moe’s Pizza, Building Materials Bargain Center Inc., Battle Storm Funcional Fitness and...

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