Day: July 14, 2017

Now and then: Barchus fulfills D-I dream

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes A broken hand cost Jordan Barchus a season at Lower Columbia College but it did not derail his dream of playing Division-I baseball. The 2014 McNary graduate has signed a commitment letter with the University of San Francisco. “That’s been my goal growing up, to play Division-I baseball,” Barchus said. “It’s amazing to see how far I have come, just how much better a person and how much better at baseball I’ve gotten. Especially the last three years, I did a lot of growing up and made me ready for Division-I baseball.” After...

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Once-in-a-lifetime event or Apoc-eclipse?

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes About this time one year ago, everyone was told to get excited about the total solar eclipse that will pass over Keizer on Aug. 21 and travel a path across the lower United States. As the celestial event looms, messages from public officials have started sounding like residents should be preparing for a doomsday event with encouragements to stock up on gas and basic supplies. The reality? It’s probably somewhere in between. “There’s nothing really definitive because we don’t have locked down numbers yet,” said Lt. Andrew Copeland of the Keizer Police...

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Inclusivity talks will continue

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A Keizer City Council work session on how to make the city more inclusive generated a lot of talk, but little in the way of actionable ideas Monday, July 10. The end result was a pledge to keep the conversation going. Earlier this year, the Keizer City Council set a goal of doing a better job of reaching out to city residents and, within a month, a group of concerned citizens brought forth a proposal for an inclusivity resolution. The hoped-for resolution would be a statement from the city declaring that anyone...

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Leroy Young

January 9, 1928 – May 27, 2017 Leroy passed on May 27, 2017. He was a World War II veteran, serving in the Navy. Leroy lived in Salem for twenty years and recently moved to Keizer. He is survived by his son Dan Peterson, of Keizer. He was laid to rest at Willamette Memorial Cemetery in Portland on Thursday, July...

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Meet the neighbors

This year’s National Night Out is Tuesday, August 1. The country-wide event offers neighbors to connect, socialize and discuss neighborhood issues. An off-shoot of such programs as Neighborhood Watch, Night Out was designed to encourage residents to get to know each other in a common desire to assure safe neighborhoods. Keizer residents have embraced National Night Out over the years. Some neighborhoods hold elaborate block parties with bounce houses, music, games and more. Other neighborhoods are more low-key—a potluck, a few lawn chairs and good conversation. Families move in and out of Keizer all the time. Chances are high that every neighborhood has had at least one new household move in since last year’s event. That is why holding a National Night Out function is important. Keizer is generous with its welcoming attitude; new residents will be greeted and given the 4-1-1 on the community. National Night Out is another vehicle to introduce new residents to their new neighbors. Familiarity and communication between neighbors has been found to be key in establishing safe communities in which people take ownership of their neighborhood and watch over it. If Family A knows that Family B is out of town yet they see a person lurking about Family B’s home, they know to be suspicious and contact the police. Better to be safe than sorry. National Night Out has generally been an...

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