Day: June 9, 2017

Keizer students turn grades, behavior around

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Elsa Chavez-Chavez’s face lit up as she talked about graduating from McNary High School in front of her parents, younger brother and sisters. “Since I’m the oldest one, I wanted to be the first to graduate from high school and get a diploma so my parents could see me,” Chavez-Chavez said. “I just wanted to prove everyone that doubted me that I wasn’t going to graduate and I am now. I’m so excited.” Chavez-Chavez, one of three Keizer students to receive a 2017 Turnaround Achievement Award, wasn’t sure she would graduate on time...

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KPD night shift makes do

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes At 11:30 p.m. Friday, June 2, Sgt. Jeff Goodman and Officer Kevin DeMarco are at the front door of a home where gang members are known to associate – not far from the Keizer Police Department (KPD) station. DeMarco was first on the scene and Goodman joined him a few minutes later on a report of a domestic disturbance that became a noise complaint. The caller said several juveniles were in the driveway playing music loud. Goodman knocks on the door, announces the presence of police, and a TV flickering behind a...

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Do no harm

To the Class of 2017: The easy part is over. People will say that if you can get through high school, you’re set. Except for college. Except for a job and a career. Graduates in every generation say the same thing: “I’m glad high school is over.” Yet, many people say they remember their high school days fondly—the structure, the friends, the sports, the activities. All of that without thinking much about how it is all paid for. If you paid attention to your studies you have exited high school with a solid base of education that will serve you well as you enter your college days. For those foregoing further education in favor of the military or directly into the job market, your education will serve you well, also. One of the key lessons you learned through the past 12 years of schooling is how to treat people, how to socialize with others. That’s important because the world is full of people. You will meet people at college, at work, in the military, on a mission. How you deal with other people will have a huge impact on your success. The Golden Rule may sound trite but it has always been true: when you treat others well, you will be treated well in return. Be polite. Don’t be nasty. Be helpful. Don’t be selfish. You know the rules,...

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A razor and an iron

By LYNDON ZAITZ I come from a customer service background, primarily in food and beverage. Restaurant companies are serious when it comes to not only the cleanliness of their shops but also a clean, presentable staff. Companies in the 1970s and 1980s had dress and grooming guidelines. If you wanted a job you wore the uniform or you cut your hair or you covered your tattoos. A number of high profile court cases put the scotch on such rules. And it shows these days. Far from a crotchedy ol’ man, I find myself railing (in my mind) against the standards so many businesses seem to have adopted these days when it comes to how they allow their employees to appear. Back in the 1960s parents and older people wanted to chase after and cut the ‘hippie’ hair of kids. Meh…hair styles come and go. I find I want to chase after employees with a razor. I think to myself: commit to a beard fully or drop the whole thing and shave. The employee with a quarter inch, spotty beard, is a not a paragon of fashion or hipness in my book. Not every person who can grow some hair on their face should have a beard; mostly it just looks unkempt and sends a message that they don’t much care about personal grooming. I also find myself wanting to...

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Teen charged with stalking after breaking windows

A 17-year-old was charged with stalking a business after shattering windows at Keizer Sub Shop twice in May. About 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31, Keizer police officers responded to the business at 4490 River Road North on the report of a gun being fired at the windows. The suspect then fled the scene. Officers arrived and determined that it was unlikely a gun was used, but another officer found the suspect nearby on Cherry Avenue Northeast. He was detained and taken to the scene where he was identified as the culprit. He had also previously victimized the business...

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