To the Editor:

Regarding Newberg Drive student parking:

There have been many incidences of cars parked in front of driveways, sometimes it’s even two times in the same day. In addition there is trash on the streets, trash on my roof, trash in yards, loud noises from cars, stereos and kids yelling, speeding cars, vandalism and even sex. I have seen students openly carry guns, sharing pipes for smoking and just plain over-crowding our streets here. This neighborhood should never be used as a high school parking lot. Just lock the gate to McArthur to stop it.

The city says they can not lock the gate but they can put up another gate fence on our side of the school property line. They could post a sign on the gate that says something like: “By Order of the City of Keizer this will no longer be an access point to the school grounds.” Before doing that they could inform the school of this plan and if they know the city will actually block it then I bet McNary principal Erik Jespersen will comply with the ruling of the city. A fence is for both sides of that fence and each side of any fence can be constructed by either party, it is not an “immature” move it’s just common sense.

The point that the City Council misses or can not wrap their heads around (Mayor Clark’s words) is that this was not a problem two years ago in this neighborhood, so this extra high school parking is nothing more then a convenience for student parking and is “not a necessity” since the population of the school is the same as it was before the word got out to the students of the “free parking.” Plus it’s a huge safety issue as a drop off point and a huge waste of police resources, too.

Charles Anderson