Day: May 12, 2017

Thomas named top music educator

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Andy Thomas, choir director at Whiteaker Middle School, wants all kids to experience music. It’s why a couple years ago he started an Exploratory Wheel class for all sixth graders. It’s why he volunteers his time after school to teach guitar lessons. And why every summer he leads a week-long choir and drama camp for fourth through ninth graders that last year had over 220 kids. Thomas was recently honored for providing more opportunities to Whiteaker students and kids throughout Keizer with the Salem-Keizer Music Educator of the Year award. “It’s a great...

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Gilbert to pitch at Pacific University

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary senior Josiah Gilbert has wanted to play college baseball for as long as he can remember. But when making the decision to go to the next level, Gilbert looked beyond the sport. “Baseball is a dream and you have to realize that sometimes the odds aren’t really in your favor,” Gilbert said of playing after college. “I knew that and that’s why I picked a school that was academically exactly what I wanted.” Gilbert signed with Pacific University on Thursday, May 4 in the McNary library. “Pacific held my attention the whole...

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No trial for woman in murder of son, 12

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes A Keizer woman charged with strangling her 12-year-old son to death will not face trail after being found mentally unfit. Amy Marie Robertson was charged with the aggravated murder of her son, Caden Berry, on Saturday, Jan. 14. Robertson was being held without bail at the Marion County Correctional Facility. In April, Judge Lindsey Partridge ordered a psychiatric evaluation on Robertson’s fitness to stand trial. On May 1, Partridge ordered the evaluation sealed and remanded Robertson to Oregon State Hospital. The order signed by Partridge states that Robertson is a danger to...

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Vote for Harder

To the Editor: I would like to share my encouragement in supporting a strong candidate for Salem-Keizer School Board. This is a very close race between great people, all who deserve our respect for their willingness to serve. I have researched each of the candidates while keeping in mind this is a nonpartisan race; my opinion is based on their credentials and responses to what I believe our local needs are and for this reason I believe the best candidate is Dr. Kathleen Harder. Though Salem-Keizer Schools have separate issues in each area of our neighborhoods, I am most experienced and involved right here in our Keizer schools. In Keizer, we face many issues: overcrowding, graduation rates, budget cuts, neighborhood parking, vital school programs have been cut that give our kids the necessary tools and skills to fulfill their potential after graduation and becoming productive members of our society which means our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are vital to our kid’s success. The closest to my heart however is the amount of homeless students in our local Keizer schools.  I know Kathleen will fight for these issues, our issues! She is passionate, compassionate and willing to fight the fight for what is right. This is the kind of human we need on our school board. I know the programs and initiatives she has been working towards and she...

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McNary student’s convenience

To the Editor: Regarding Newberg Drive student parking: There have been many incidences of cars parked in front of driveways, sometimes it’s even two times in the same day. In addition there is trash on the streets, trash on my roof, trash in yards, loud noises from cars, stereos and kids yelling, speeding cars, vandalism and even sex. I have seen students openly carry guns, sharing pipes for smoking and just plain over-crowding our streets here. This neighborhood should never be used as a high school parking lot. Just lock the gate to McArthur to stop it. The city says they can not lock the gate but they can put up another gate fence on our side of the school property line. They could post a sign on the gate that says something like: “By Order of the City of Keizer this will no longer be an access point to the school grounds.” Before doing that they could inform the school of this plan and if they know the city will actually block it then I bet McNary principal Erik Jespersen will comply with the ruling of the city. A fence is for both sides of that fence and each side of any fence can be constructed by either party, it is not an “immature” move it’s just common sense. The point that the City Council misses or can...

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