To the Editor:

The City puts forth a false representation in word of supporting the Newberg Drive residents but they show a huge difference in their actions.

They are supporting making this neighborhood into a parking lot for only the convenience of the students. I say this because two years ago and many years previously this problem of students overtaking and using our streets as a parking lot and drop-off point for the school and they parked and dropped off the students in other places without problems.

Now each morning the students fill our neighborhood and so its no longer “public parking” it is now a “free parking lot” for the school. The city is telling us one thing and doing another by trying to upgrade McArthur St. to accommodate the student parking and even going to the extreme to send over two uniformed motorcycle police officers to “convince” the neighbors to allow the city to make changes to McArthur St. for a student parking lot.

I came to Keizer 19 years ago and made improvements to the city only to have my improvements and property degraded by turning it into a “Student Convenience Parking Lot”

At the May 1 council meeting City Manager Chris Eppley told me to go to the school district to file my complaints, but I already did that last year with no results and the school district suggested that I go to the City of Keizer with my complaint. I feel that we are being taken advantage of and jacked around by the school and the City of Keizer.

In addition to the “Convenience Parking Lot” for the students they have created a traffic hazard by all the students being dropped off and picked up where there are no sidewalks, crosswalks, or traffic control. When one of them gets hit by a car then who gets the blame? I would say the city should get the blame for not using the authority they have to stop this madness. Get a backbone Keizer and stand up for your residents and safety of the students and tell McNary High School that the city of Keizer demands they lock the gate or you will block it (which you can do). This would solve all of the problems that exist purely for the convenience of the students.

Charles Anderson