Day: May 5, 2017

Exchange students come to McNary

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes When a group of German high school students spent three weeks at McNary, they didn’t just observe classes, try new food and get a chance to work on their English. They also got a taste of what it’s like to be an American teenager. “I noticed especially for girls the parents seem to be a lot more protective in terms of dating,” said Elisa Hermann, one of the exchange students. “My host student for example wants to date a guy but her parents say that’s not okay and I don’t think that would...

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McNary senior up for Oregon Sports Award

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes A year ago, McNary senior Katelyn Lester “never in a million years” thought she would be invited to the Oregon Sports Awards show along with the best athletes in the state or up for the same honor that in 2015 went to former Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota. Last April Lester was diagnosed with mononucleosis and when the symptoms lingered for months she went to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland for more tests. Lester had a 104 degree fever, severe joint pain, migraines and doctors didn’t know why. A year later, they still don’t....

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Sidewalks for Cummings

To the Editor: Hooray for Cummings Elementary School Principal Martina Mangan and school crossing guard Carol Doerfler for advocating for sidewalks adjacent to Cummings School.  A sidewalk is more than a decade overdue. Cummings Elementary, built in 1953, replaced the original wooden Keizer School. When constructed, Cummings was the only functioning school in the Keizer area.  Since then, McNary High School, the two middle schools and five elementary schools have been added within the city.  Keizer became a city in 1982.  A year later the population was 19,650 and by 2016 had increased to 37,505 residents. The sidewalk near Cummings is the city’s responsibility not the school district’s. The Salem-Keizer School District is challenged to make ends meet with increasing student enrollment and growing societal demands for services beyond the classroom.  Statewide budget shortfalls are causing school districts to make cuts to their 2017-2018 budgets.  The Salem-Keizer District estimates a deep cut of about $6 million smaller than the current school year.  Traffic Safety Committee member Kathy Lincoln’s statement:  “If we can get some cooperation and investment from the school district it might help the process along,” is completely unrealistic. Times have changed and the city must be responsive to the safety needs of students and their families.  Continuing with an outdated budget is not responsible for meeting an expanding city’s needs.  Keizer City Council and the Traffic Safety Committee...

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The conduct of Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I happen to agree with Mr. McCall (Letter to the Editor, April 21) to a degree with his remarks regarding the conduct of Rep. Bill Post when it comes to him representing House District 25. Bill Post, despite his good intentions,  does not fully campaign for issues that don’t benefit his vision of what House District 25 would be like. A particular issue that I think was never going to work with him is and remains true to this day is the issue of public transportation. It remains my opinion that Post campaigned against the payroll ballot measure last fall despite needing support to win reelection it all comes down to money…the power of money is ever apparent in the world of politics. He claims to have supported this campaign against this measure solely as a private citizen—he supports other issues such as the water crisis in St. Paul during the last storm period always wearing his “private/public” hat. To me you cannot have it both ways. Even after this “dirty” campaign he put forth a half-hearted bill to supplement his participation in the campaign itself—that, too, failed. All he could say was “Well I tried, you could give me credit at least.” To me this is 100 percent both disappointing and shameful. I do continue to support Bill Post despite his lack of effort on...

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A lesson for Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I wish to thank Representative Bill Post for his article of April 28th.  He presented a lesson on how to miss the point.  Even though the bills he sponsored help low income families are admirable, would it not be helpful to build up our economy?  Why has Mr. Post not worked to help working people earn a living wage instead of giving a public handout? Or, as Ronald Reagan said, “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.” Mr. Post has forgotten the lessons of Ronald Reagan. Those lessons were to do your job and build consensus to pass legislation. Any member of the legislature can submit legislation, but true leadership of a representative is working to build consensus to get it passed. Instead Mr. Post spends his time blaming others. Mr. Post should be mindful that 2018 is not that far away instead of sitting on his incumbency and making excuses. David McCall...

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