Day: May 5, 2017

Sidewalks for Cummings

To the Editor: Hooray for Cummings Elementary School Principal Martina Mangan and school crossing guard Carol Doerfler for advocating for sidewalks adjacent to Cummings School.  A sidewalk is more than a decade overdue. Cummings...

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The conduct of Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I happen to agree with Mr. McCall (Letter to the Editor, April 21) to a degree with his remarks regarding the conduct of Rep. Bill Post when it comes to him representing House District 25. Bill Post, despite his...

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A lesson for Rep. Bill Post

To the Editor: I wish to thank Representative Bill Post for his article of April 28th.  He presented a lesson on how to miss the point.  Even though the bills he sponsored help low income families are admirable, would it not be...

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