To the Editor:

No one alive today can verify or deny that French King Louis XVI’s wife, Marie Antoinette, said “Let them eat cake.” This alleged comment of hers was inspired by the belief that she and her royal family cared not at all what happened to starving Parisians.

In the U.S. these days, we know for a fact that millions among us do not have enough to eat and are without safe shelter.  The problem is further compounded and distress-causing by the huge number of American children going hungry and homeless.

Meanwhile, our “royal” family lives as though they care not at all what happens to American adults and children who find life to be a daily challenge by the absence of food and housing.

Apparently paying little heed to these needs, President Trump and family travel at taxpayer expense to his Florida golf club, Mar-a-Lago, almost every weekend at taxpayer expense, closing in on his first 100 days at a whopping cost of $50 million.

This information about the way Trump, in what’s viewed as business-as-usual-form, is conducting his presidency, including alleged violations of the U,S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause or, in layman language, using one’s office to make money, has resulted in ever more disquiet among the American citizenry quite like that reported to have been the prevailing French sentiments before they took action.

Unfortunate for most Americans, any criticism of 45 is greeted by his typical reply: “I’m president and you’re not.”

Gene H. McIntyre