To the Editor:

The founders of American government, in their wisdom, gave us a representative system.  A system in which the voting citizen has a voice in government policy through a representative in the legislature.  This is a contract between the elected official and the citizens of a district.  To be their voice. Representative Bill Post has broken that contract.

It is the job of a representative to represent, not make excuses as to what he cannot do. The representative needs to get the job done. After all it was Mr. Post that asked for the position in the first place.  He says he has no ability to craft legislation on the budget, transportation, or funding for veterans, but he does not say why. Is he inept, or has his monolithic ideology moved so far to the right that even talking to a Democrat is beyond his ability?

It was Mr. Post’s lack of knowledge on the transportation package that I found the most disturbing.  It is bizarre because it is happening in his own district and that he has put no effort to find out what transportation package entails. Has Mr. Post forgotten that St. Paul is in the district that he is bound by oath of office to represent?  And that representation is not prescribed by the Constitution nor state law to be extended to only one ideology.  A corrupt politician is bad and a representative that does not represent is just as bad.

Mr. Post has given up on being our representative when he calls on us to do his job for him. Then I ask why are we paying him a government salary?  He must think it is nice to have a government job in which he is being paid to do nothing.

David McCall