Month: March 2017

Upgrades, not new school, says task force

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Since December, a task force assembled by the Salem-Keizer School District has been meeting to come up with recommendations for how to deal with school overcrowding. On Monday, Feb. 27, the Long Range Facilities Planning Task Force held its final meeting and assigned a dollar figure to the work that needs to be done to increase capacity at the district’s overflowing schools: about $550 million. It will now be up to the Salem-Keizer School Board members to decide whether to pursue the full amount – or some portion of it – with...

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No Uber, Lyft; fix transit first

To the Editor: I am writing to voice my objections to Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett’s proposal to bring Uber and Lyft into this city without first trying to improve upon the current public transportation. It is no actual secret that a good chunk of people who live in this city, rely on a currently inadequate transportation system because the council is unable or unwilling to take actual steps to try and improve up on the system as it stands. Mayor Bennett has worked, it would seem, extremely hard to bring in ride share servers more than he has tried...

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Urban play stations

The city is surveying utility payers about their level of interest in and support of Keizer’s 19 parks. Respondents are asked if they would support an addition of up to $8 per month to upgrade and maintain them. Neighborhood and regional parks are a key offering of a city’s quality of life. People like parks and they help maintain property values. Parks, both big and small, are the recreation hubs in our neighborhoods. The lack of entertainment and recreation options in Keizer have always ranked high on the livability surveys. Kids, especially teens, are notoriously hard to keep busy...

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