Day: March 17, 2017

Resistance from both sides

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS This should be the moment President Donald Trump cleans up Obamacare with a broad smile on his happy face. He won the Electoral College—and as his predecessor Barack Obama liked to say, “Elections have consequences.” Trump’s Republican Party controls the House and the Senate, which should mean there are no sand traps or water hazards on his golf course. Problem is, Trump finds himself in the land where it’s often easier to vote no than to vote yes. Members of his own political party and conservative think tanks became standouts because of their principled opposition...

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City looking at McNary parking

From the Mayor’s Desk By Cathy Clark The city has received numerous complaints about the high school traffic and parking on and around McNary High School. The safety and livability for people living in our neighborhoods and the safety and access for our Keizer students to get to school are very important to us. In order to let people know what is going on, I felt it would help to write an open letter and share the issues and options we are facing. Students are having more difficulty getting safely to McNary High School. All the entrances are crowded...

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