On Saturday, May 20, Keizer and Salem, for the fourth time, turn its attention to hundreds of elementary and middle school students who will become little businesspeople for the day.

Lemonade Day, born in Houston, is a project that helps kids understand about how to create and run a business. Hundreds of lemonade stands will be stationed throughout the two cities. The kids, either individually or with a team, will have created a lemonade recipe, designed and sited a stand and attracted small investors who will give money to these budding entrepreneurs.

Lemonade Day is not a frivolous day of play. Sponsored by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and working with schools and other young organizations, the day teaches kids about key aspects of business they will use into the future: setting goals, teamwork, responsibility, making and budgeting money.

Participants of Lemonade Day are asked to split their profits: one third to their education fund, one third donated to a charity of their choice and one third into their pockets as mad money.

Parents, guardians and teachers throughout Keizer should learn a little about Lemonade Day, then encourage their kids and students to be part of a growing project. The Houston, Texas area alone boasts tens of thousands of stands and revenue nearing $50 million. That success is something to want to be part of.

The official launch of Lemonade Day 2017 was earlier this week but kids can register to have their own stand. Visiting salemkeizer.lemonadeday.org can start the whole process in creating tomorrow’s business people today.   —LAZ