To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my objections to Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett’s proposal to bring Uber and Lyft into this city without first trying to improve upon the current public transportation.

It is no actual secret that a good chunk of people who live in this city, rely on a currently inadequate transportation system because the council is unable or unwilling to take actual steps to try and improve up on the system as it stands.

Mayor Bennett has worked, it would seem, extremely hard to bring in ride share servers more than he has tried to improve the current system. True, the council is unable to make actual decisions and changes in this system but they are able to help move the conversation in the right direction and I feel personally that this hasn’t been done within the first few weeks of Mayor Bennett’s administration.

Mayor Bennett fought hard and long to win election to his current office. I would hope that he stands for all of his constituents rather than those that rely upon the Chamber of Commerce to promote themselves. I call on Mayor Bennett to do the right thing and actually do something to improve the system—I call on my own elected mayor,  Cathy Clark, to try and help improve the system. There has been too much talk of “We will get to it eventually” or “It is what it is.” The people have had enough of the upper one percent calling all the shots. If true change is to happen it needs to start at an already established point

Dakota Saunders