Day: February 24, 2017

A healthy city

The wheels of government turn slowly. In many cases that is a good thing because government bodies need to assure that policy making and budgeting have many moving parts and all interests and consequences need to be considered. There are times when the wheels of government do not need to slow to a crawl, especially when it concerns free money. The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign, funded by Kaiser Permanente and other partners, is designed to play a role in reversing the trend toward sedentary behavior (think watching TV and playing video games for hours on end)...

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Some good bills, some not so good

From the Capitol By Rep. Bill Post The past three weeks in the Oregon legislature have been fascinating. In my second term as your state representative, I should never be surprised by some proposed bills, but I still am.  For instance, in recent days there have been bills to: make marionberry pie the official pie of Oregon; change the words of our state song, Oregon, My Oregon; a tax on coffee and a tax on cars over 20 years old;  an official dog of Oregon;  a ‘no dogs on lap while driving’ bill and many others. Both parties are...

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Food bank thanks Keizer

To the Editor: On behalf of the Keizer Community Food Bank I want to thank the Keizer community for their continued support of the food bank during the 2016 year. Special thanks to Uptown Music, Tony’s Kingdom of Comics, Keizer Elks (both men and ladies), Habitat for Humanity Recycle Store, Safeway, 7-11, and you, the community. We are continually grateful for the ongoing support of our food ministry program. In most cases, for every dollar we receive, we can buy three dollars’ worth of food. Core foods that we like to keep on our pantry shelves that offer basic...

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America’s sacred fire must not be doused

By MICHAEL GERSON “Well, I preach the Church without Christ,” says a vivid Flannery O’Connor character named Hazel Motes. “I’m member and preacher to that church where the blind don’t see and the lame don’t walk and what’s dead stays that way.” At the heart of Donald Trump’s public rhetoric is a similar emptiness. He is a president who preaches America without exceptionalism. He is the leader of the free world who seldom mentions freedom. He belongs to a political faith in which America’s political miracle is only for us, and dissidents and democratic activists are on their own,...

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One agreement is first step to a functioning country

February 20 was President’s Day.  On this day in 1792 the Postal Service Act was signed into law by George Washington.  It was felt that a universal and affordable delivery service would help to include everyone in participatory democracy. Universal delivery was mandated with the specific idea of all citizens having equal access to news and information regardless of income level. Getting information about current affairs through the US Postal Service seems quaint in the smartphone age but the idea of everyone sharing in the cost of having an informed citizenry seems more important than ever. My thirty years...

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