Day: February 17, 2017

Don, this is what we’re afraid of

To the Editor: Re: Don Vowell’s Feb. 10 column, What are we afraid of?: I’m afraid because Fukushima has poisoned our ocean and the problem isn’t going away. Our fish and all life in our ocean is now contaminated.  We are breathing this and I saw pictures of the seals, salmon and other fish with cancer tumors all over them.  What does this mean to us? Helen Bibelheimer...

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What is needed to jumpstart economic development in city?

From the Mayor’s Desk The editorial in last week’s paper, Call it a day for the EDC (Economic Development Commission) reflects thoughts I have had for a while. And I agree that a re-think of the city role in promoting economic development, particularly in the context of our Economic Opportunities Analysis in the Comprehensive Plan, would be helpful. At regional and state meetings, I hear about opportunities and success stories that make me wonder if we have missed chances to bring dollars and programs here to deepen and strengthen our economic base. The meeting with Regional Solutions coordinator James...

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Travel bans, Arrival and Mr. Rogers

By ERIC A. HOWALD I’ve lost track of how many times the counters on the digital cameras I use as part of my job have reset themselves, and the cameras only reset after 10,000 pictures. Most of those pictures will never – thankfully – see the light of day and the few I do remember wouldn’t cause me to extend all five fingers of one hand. But, every once in a while, an image sears into my memory. One of them is a photo of a McNary High School senior playing in the annual Powder Puff football game at...

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Sanctuary cities are not a solve-all

Immigration, immigrants, refugees, green cards, and illegals have often found their way into topics of discussion. Whether or not in each case the individual or group of individuals found acceptance or rejection had a lot to do with their point of origin. A welcome mat for western Europeans while the door is mostly shut for Asians. My third generation Scotch-American father entered a community of Finnish immigrants, married my second-generation Finnish-American mother, and then along came me, an American who views the Finns as among the finest people on earth while my wife, a third generation Irish-American, affects my attention by affection. In my youth, I lived in Germany as a civilian for more...

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