To the Editor:

The trophies awarded at tournaments hosted by Oregon Wrestling Association don’t reflect the titles the winners earned as champions. The recent OWA tournament I attended with  my wrestler was the Oregon Kids Folkstyle Championships. The first- and second-place trophies were simple plaques with no information such as weight class. Also, OWA didn’t order enough so many were mailed. The plaques were $5 before inscription and lower-placing medals 99¢.

This year there were 1,193 wrestlers. Each paid registration fees of $25, totaling $29,825. In addition, floor passes were sold at $25. There were 95 weight classes. Two plaques and four medals were awarded in each, totaling $14 in awards per weight class, $1,330 for the tournament. While $1,330 sounds like a lot for awards, it is only 4.46 percent of registration fees.

Many tournaments such as the Buckle Belt Challenge, Rumble at the Rock, and Best of the West tournaments award singlets, fight shorts, and belts, a $50-$100 value. These tournaments are spending at least four times per weight class as OWA.

My wrestler and his teammates put in many hours for these tournaments, their parents spend lots of time and money, and they should be rewarded when they are deemed the best. I hope OWA decides to properly award their champions with better trophies.

Gennifer Nelson