Day: January 27, 2017

Why millions gather to say ‘no’

By E.J. DIONNE JR. Within 48 hours, we learned that Donald John Trump intends to govern as the same fiercely angry man who shook the country in 2016. He confirmed that his administration intends to show no regard for norms —or facts. His opposition has drawn the obvious conclusion. Its only options are to contain the damage Trump can do, to restrain him in his use of power, and, eventually, to defeat him. In his inaugural address, Trump offered no outreach to his adversaries with a take-no-prisoners message. They heard it, and were ready to return the favor. Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington and its counterparts in cities and towns across the country drew millions who signaled plainly that they would not be cowed into silence or demobilized into a sullen indifference. There was a jubilance in the Washington gathering because so many were grateful to each other for showing up in such large numbers. Those who had spent January 20th in gloom spent January 21st experiencing a sense of relief: In the face of the political troubles to come, they would have allies and friends ready to act. If power shifted decisively on Friday to Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, passion switched sides as well. As the marches showed, the political energy in the country is now arrayed against Trump and his agenda. Republicans no longer have...

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Why Cabinet nominees should be rejected

Were I ever in a position of power to take action on President Trump’s cabinet nominees, I would veto some of them without any further consideration. Here are thoughts for rejection from Keizer, Oregon: Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of Treasury.  This is the same guy whose record shows that he ruthlessly foreclosed on thousands of homeowners in the ranks of middle-class Americans.  Thereby, he personally realized multi-million dollar bonuses and made huge deposits of this money to his Caymen Islands’ accounts. He can be counted on to support more wealth for billionaires and big corporations while it’s certain from his past behavior he has little to no care for working Americans and their families. Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  She has proven by her record that she wants to take funds from the support of public schools and give those monies to religious and private schools.  Since the early 1800s, public schools in the U.S. have afforded millions upon millions of Americans from homes without the financial means to receive at least a basic education in reading, writing and arithmetic, providing those Americans with foundations for lives of success. Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.  He has proven himself as standing with big corporations that pollute our air and water more than the fundamentally important health and safety protection of children and families in Oklahoma.  In fact, he has brought suit after suit against the EPA in an...

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