Reactions to the election of Donald J. Trump are mixed. Nevertheless, one of his promises stands tall among hopes for this writer.  Trump the campaigner said he will block, on the day he enters the Oval Office, the immigration executive orders issue by the Obama administration.  This would be welcome news although cabinet members from Goldman Sachs and military hawks cause considerable alarm about follow-through from statements made while Trump was in campaign mode.

Keep in mind, also, that any reversals across the land will not be welcomed in cities declared “sanctuaries” by the elected officials in them.  These “leaders” have wrongfully argued that immigration law enforcement is racist and bigoted  but have had self-centered reasons for doing so.

Lately, too, most disturbing because it’s close to home, Oregon State University’s president, Ed Ray, has publically declared that he seeks OSU’s campus as a sanctuary campus and, worse, he will not comply with U.S. federal law.  Mr. Ray, it’s strongly encouraged, should find work overseas since he apparently wants to be around foreigners so much and has obviously been too long at OSU as he thinks he owns it.

Whatever the case, the argument has enabled elected officials in “sanctuary cities” to impose their idiocy on the residents under their authority.  In fact, what they do with this falseness is facilitate the growth and development of enclaves of terror in our nation.

There are many matters that the Trump administration should address and do so within his first 100 days in office—one would be to eliminate these lawless safe havens. They have become easily used by illegal aliens and criminals, fugitives and possibleterrorists, to evade the inspection process conducted at ports of entry where they’d otherwise be subject to arrest and rejection.

We should wake-up to the fact that sanctuary cities do not provide protections to law-abiding residents who, too often, become victims to the crimes committed by these men and women who’ve not obtained legal permission to be in the United States.  Sanctuary cities endanger every person, everywhere in the entire United States, as they just as easily commit their crimes in these cities (and on campuses, too) as outside of them.

Our borders and immigration laws are the nation’s first line of defense against international terrorists, transnational criminals, fugitives from justice and those foreign nationals who come here to end work opportunities for Americans who thereby lose their jobs and paychecks.  Meanwhile, the Immigration and Nationality Act, when read, quickly dispel the bogus claim that the U.S. immigration laws discriminate: They apply the same to all persons not legally here regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and place of origin.

Every American wants the United States to be safe and secure. Meanwhile, the sanctuary cities and campus participants force upon us those persons who come to our country illegally, making them too often a threat to life and limb.  Sanctuary status is lame, misguided and a death-wish.

(Gene H. McIntyre’s column appears weekly in the Keizertimes.)