Day: December 16, 2016

What you wish for

To the Editor: Noam Chomsky would write, “It was ever thus,” but I am neither old nor smart enough to cite the historical precedent. What I can say is that never in my memory has the repudiation of government of, for and by the people been so obvious, so “in your face peasants.” One look at the good old plutocrats club that will make up the Trump cabinet should be enough to have Trump voters wondering “Seriously, is this what I wanted?” So much for populism—for Medicare bargaining to lower drug prices, (amendment killed with objection from big pharma pawn Senator Roy Blount)—for 35 percent tariffs on manufacturers moving out of the U.S. (easier to give a $7 million taxpayer-funded bribe to a billion dollar corporation).  And what should be the last straw—the appointment of  a climate-change denier to head the EPA.  What’s next? Putin pal Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state? (Oh, wait that could happen.)  Still a few weeks until Trump takes office, but so far his election is a painful lesson in being careful what you wish for. Martin Doerfler...

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The green truck

By REVEREND CURT McCORMACK It was the Christmas of 1952, I was 8 years old.  There was only one item on my Christmas list that year, it was a yellow scale model of a log truck made by the Toy Company.  It was about 18 inches long with the trailer retracted, almost thirty inches with the trailer loaded with logs. It was magnificent piece of work.  The front wheels actually turned with a horn like knob mounted on the hood, like a hood ornament.  The wheels seemed like they were inflated though I doubt they really were. I wanted this log truck unlike anything else in my life. My dad was a logger, and it was every son’s dream to, in some way, emulate his father. I needed that truck. What made matters a little envious for me, was that my cousins had three of them.  Their father—my uncle—was also a logger.  Yes, when we visited I would get to play with them but it wasn’t the same as having one of your own. I made my Christmas list, and made sure Santa knew exactly what I wanted. Now, an eight-year-old boy knows very little about family finances.  We were never poor. I always had food, clothing, a dry roof and plenty of toys to keep me busy.  This particular year, things must have been a little lean because there...

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Sanctuary cities an open door for problems

Reactions to the election of Donald J. Trump are mixed. Nevertheless, one of his promises stands tall among hopes for this writer.  Trump the campaigner said he will block, on the day he enters the Oval Office, the immigration executive orders issue by the Obama administration.  This would be welcome news although cabinet members from Goldman Sachs and military hawks cause considerable alarm about follow-through from statements made while Trump was in campaign mode. Keep in mind, also, that any reversals across the land will not be welcomed in cities declared “sanctuaries” by the elected officials in them.  These “leaders” have wrongfully argued that immigration law enforcement is racist and bigoted  but have had self-centered reasons for doing so. Lately, too, most disturbing because it’s close to home, Oregon State University’s president, Ed Ray, has publically declared that he seeks OSU’s campus as a sanctuary campus and, worse, he will not comply with U.S. federal law.  Mr. Ray, it’s strongly encouraged, should find work overseas since he apparently wants to be around foreigners so much and has obviously been too long at OSU as he thinks he owns it. Whatever the case, the argument has enabled elected officials in “sanctuary cities” to impose their idiocy on the residents under their authority.  In fact, what they do with this falseness is facilitate the growth and development of enclaves of terror in our nation. There are many matters that the Trump administration should address and do so within his...

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