Listening to any apostle of the refugees flooding our country, one learns that they want every American to invite these folks into their homes as guests for however long it takes for them to get settled here and find a job. The refugees, they argue, should be first in line to take any available jobs no matter the consequences to U.S. citizens or those who arrived by lawful immigration procedures.  There’s a whole lot more, too, that we’re expected to give so that these folks feel welcome and warm here.

Now, these folks are refugees for a reason; in the example of Aleppo, came apart and their government turned on them because their menfolk were shooting at an entrenched dictator, trying to overthrow the government. Why they did not make an effort to stop the madness of attacking a madman before it began is explained usually by “enshallah” (God’s will) then waiting for us to save them.

These days they want a safe haven and the best place for that is Canada, Western Europe or the U.S.  Point in fact is they really do not want to be anywhere but home in that part of the Middle East, Pakistan or from wherever they have fled.  It can be predicted that they most likely will not seek to integrate with we heathens here, will not work at learning our language, will not adopt our customs or live by our sectarian laws.

The war-torn among them will most often keep their heads down and make an effort to keep from getting deported due to bad behaviors.  However, what’s become more and more common, in the places where they’ve relocated, is that the small children brought with them and those born here are far too often radicalized by Muslim terrorists, mainly ISIS and al-Qaeda leadership, after which they buy guns and make bombs to settle imaginary wrongs on innocent Americans.

Almost every day in the American media there is an article by one of the bleeding heart refugees’ apostles.  It tells of how the refugees in their homes are so wonderful that you, Mr. and Ms. America, just must open your doors and embrace them.  They never say that when those who’ve invited them in or brought them here from afar, and tire of their different ways of doing things and foreign-minded demands, sooner or later to rise, that these folks will be turned loose on the rest of us to pay the price of supporting them after their sponsors walk away.

Meanwhile, how is it that more of us are not doing anything about the huge and growing number of Americans with children who are without employment, any means of self-support and homeless? These are the American people inside our borders for whom help and sustenance should first be directed. In any kind of a moral universe, our own must be assisted before we go running around the planet to relocate those persons who really don’t want to be here and are a danger to the all the rest of us. Finally here, and perhaps most telling, our state and national coffers are nearly empty, the people refuse more taxes, the U.S. Congress only supports warring overseas, and America’s corporations get a free ride with no social responsibility.

(Gene H. McIntyre’s column appears weekly in the Keizertimes.)