Day: December 2, 2016

What kind of Christmas?

By LYNDON ZAITZ People celebrate Christmas in many ways and for different reasons. Some celebrate the birth of Christ, some celebrate children, some celebrate Santa Claus. Others mark the season with a mix of reasons. It can be argued that the Christmas season is the favorite time of year for most, even with the frustrations, disappointments and feuds that arise when family gets together. The need to buy a present for absolutely everyone—immediate, extended and blended families, not to mention friends and co-workers. Money—out-of-pocket cash or credit—is always a sticking point during the holidays. That’s why I cherish the Christmases I spent with friends when none of us had much disposable income. I guess it is akin to those who remember fondly the holidays they marked in the depths of the Great Depression in the 1930s when people had to use their imagination and being with family was more important than a present. My circle of friends and I lived in Seattle, which was a pretty good setting for Christmas. It didn’t cost a cent to see the window and in-store displays at The Bon Marche, and the flagship Nordstrom and Frederick & Nelson stores. In those days visual merchandising was still a big thing and one couldn’t but help be in the holiday mood. It is interesting how creative a group of people can be when the lack...

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The Third Reich isn’t on the way

By BERNARD GOLDBERG Perhaps you’ve noticed that some of the most illiberal people in America these days … are liberals. Liberals are the ones who pride themselves on being open-minded. But who are the ones on college campuses stifling speech they don’t like? It’s not conservative students. In 1944, college-age men were storming the beach at Normandy. Today, more than a few liberal cupcakes on campus are demanding “safe spaces” and “cry rooms” to protect them from the bogeyman we just elected president—and from any ideas that don’t conform to their own. And hasn’t it been liberals who say they don’t want to be lectured about morality, especially if it’s by a bunch of smug conservatives? But it was smug liberals who rudely lectured the vice president-elect from a Broadway stage recently about how he and Donald Trump should behave when they take office. And it was liberals who warned us that undemocratic right-wingers would never accept the election results if Trump lost. But it’s undemocratic left-wingers who took to the streets to protest Trump’s election, sometimes violently. And it’s desperate liberals who are trying to overturn the election results by demanding useless recounts in several states Trump won. And it’s liberals who are trying to convince Electoral College electors to reject Trump—even if that’s who voters in their states picked—and vote for Hillary Clinton instead. They’re willing to...

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Reid defeats Barker

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes The election counts are finally complete and McNary High School teacher Laura Reid will be Keizer’s next city councilor. According to the final cumulative totals, Reid edged out Allen Barker by 109 votes, 50.44 percent to 49.56 percent. Nearly 12,400 votes were cast for the two candidates in the only contested city council race. “I’m thrilled that I’m able to get to know Keizer from this perspective. I’ve lived in Keizer for 15 years and gotten involved in other ways, but this is entirely new,” said Reid. “I really appreciate the votes of confidence.” Early results had shown Barker holding a thin lead over Reid, which led to Keizertimes erroneously calling the race for him, but Reid took control of the race as more votes were counted in the days after the election. Reid, a language arts teacher at McNary, will be sworn into office in January. She replaces Councilor Mark Callier, who was appointed to Position 1 on the city council earlier this year after Councilor Dennis Koho resigned due to health considerations. In preparation for the job, and even when she was still just a candidate, Reid began attending the council’s regular meetings and discovered that the meetings were just the “tip of the iceberg.” “There’s a lot of work done behind-the-scenes that goes into every council decision,” she said. One...

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