To the Editor:

I sit here looking out the window at the American flag, with tremendous pride. It is impossible not to have a heavy heart over watching rioters burn that same flag. Watching protesters vandalize buildings, cars, and blocking traffic, preventing working people from getting to or from home, to work, to pick up the kids. All under the guise  of “their rights.”

In 1944, 18-year-olds stormed Normandy. Many gave their lives to protect a free world, to give us the freedoms we have today.  Today we have 18-year-olds staging “cry-ins” on colleges campuses because they didn’t get their way. Therapy dogs being brought in to help them grieve, college professors weeping over a lost election, making exams “optional” while students grieve.

Should it be any surprise that high school students walk out in protest given the brain washing they have experienced from teachers like this?

Some parents have been complaining for years, about a leftist agenda that has been in control of our public schools. No surprise at the increases in enrollment in private schools. Look at the proliferation of private/church schools in the valley.

Have we become a society that teaches our youth “you have the right to have anything you want whether earned it or not?”

G.I. Wilson