Allen Barker and Laura Reid (KEIZERITIMES/File photos)

Allen Barker and Laura Reid (KEIZERITIMES/File photos)

Of the Keizertimes

Who will be the next Keizer city councilor? That’s a great question, and the Keizertimes got it wrong in the Nov. 11 edition of the paper.

The most recent vote tallies had Laura Reid in the lead with 6,005 votes to Allen Barker’s 5,950, but the winner of the contest for Position 1 on the Keizer City Council may not be known until Nov. 28 when results are certified.

Here’s how the paper biffed the landing: when the Keizertimes went to press on Wednesday, Nov. 9, Barker had a slim 81-vote lead with 10,697 votes cast and all precincts reporting. By Thursday afternoon, Nov. 10, more than 1,400 votes were added to the tally and Reid took a 53-vote lead over Barker.

The lead changed because more ballots were processed after the initial totals were posted, said Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess. The Marion County Clerk’s Office handles local elections.

The number changed again on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

“We were working on about 2,000 county-wide ballots that needed to be duplicated to make them machine readable,” said Burgess in an email.

Additional Marion County ballots were also dropped off at sites outside Marion County, which led them to be counted later than the totals generated on Nov. 9. The updated totals on Tuesday only amounted to a change of four votes for Reid (3) and Barker (1).

“We are still waiting on voters (whose ballots had) signatures that did not match or with no signature on the return envelope to cure those conditions,” Burgess said.

Voters with questionable ballots have until Tuesday, Nov. 22, to remedy the situation.

Burgess said certified results would be available on Monday, Nov. 28.