To the Editor:

I am sharing this message from a friend, Bret Oldham, with all my Facebook friends. This is precisely what I had in mind to inform to the citizens of America.

I used to coach basketball and was very successful at it. One of the reasons for that success was due to the absolute team mindset that I instigated. Everything was accomplished as a team with each individual doing their part. There was no fighting between the team members. Everyone wanted the same thing; they wanted the team to be successful. This simple analogy is a small example of what is needed now in this country.

We are all Americans. Like it or not we must all be on the same team. Not any political team; the American team. We must stop antagonizing the division that is rampant across this great nation. Stop boasting if your side won in the election. Stop being bitter if your side didn’t win. Stop bashing each other. Stop the hate. We need unity among all citizens at this delicate time in our country’s history. No matter what your political beliefs are, your religious beliefs are, your race, your sexuality, or your financial status, at the end of the day we are all still Americans. Our diversity is what has made this country the most powerful nation on earth. Please remember, united we stand, divided we fall. It’s not always easy but let’s all try a little harder to accept each other’s differences. Let’s get back on the right path and start making a concerted effort to be kind to each other. It all starts with you.

Bret Oldham