Day: November 18, 2016

Coburn gets 400th win

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes More than 25 years ago, Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel was looking for a volleyball coach. Scott Coburn, who was coaching the boys basketball team at the time, said if the school could get him in contact with Chemeketa volleyball coach Terry McLaughlin, he would give it a try. More than 400 wins later, the rest is history. “I learned a lot from Terry,” Coburn said. “He helped me the first few years and came out and did some clinics with my kids and I learned more and more.” In 1991, Coburn’s volleyball team made it to the state championship game, falling to Vale. “We weren’t even rated going into the state tournament and we upset several teams along the way,” Coburn said. “To get to the finals was an amazing accomplishment. That’s one of the game I’ll always remember.” After four seasons at Kennedy, Coburn began coaching at Whiteaker Middle School in 1993 and he’s been there ever since. “My kids were at the age where I was always gone coaching and I was missing some of their lives,” Coburn said. “They were young kids and my wife and I made the decision if I move to middle school, I can be more a part of what they’re doing and then I just decided I enjoyed the middle school level. The...

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Malheur Refuge standoff taught us about a few things

Ammon Bundy, quoted on his acquittal of charges in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge armed occupation, expressed amazement that anyone could fail to take the side of the “people” instead of the government. Ideally, government is of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I am both people and part of the government. I also own a share of the Malheur NWR equal to Ammon Bundy’s. I spend a lot of time at wildlife refuges and have traveled to spend time at Malheur. Teddy Roosevelt’s generation understood the value of protecting habitat for wildlife and bird migration. We owe them a debt of gratitude and a sense of responsibility in leaving it be.  We ought to share the same commitment to our children. Much of the land in the West was either purchased or taken by the United States for expansion and then turned over to states and individuals in land grants and homesteading provisions.  Free use of much of the unclaimed land was allowed by the U.S. government.  Much of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land is now leased for cattle grazing, mineral and oil extraction. A fair portion of the revenue gained from these leases is returned to the states involved. It is estimated that granting local control to the states encompassing these federal lands would increase administrative costs without solving the questions of...

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A needed inspirational message

To the Editor: I am sharing this message from a friend, Bret Oldham, with all my Facebook friends. This is precisely what I had in mind to inform to the citizens of America. I used to coach basketball and was very successful at it. One of the reasons for that success was due to the absolute team mindset that I instigated. Everything was accomplished as a team with each individual doing their part. There was no fighting between the team members. Everyone wanted the same thing; they wanted the team to be successful. This simple analogy is a small example of what is needed now in this country. We are all Americans. Like it or not we must all be on the same team. Not any political team; the American team. We must stop antagonizing the division that is rampant across this great nation. Stop boasting if your side won in the election. Stop being bitter if your side didn’t win. Stop bashing each other. Stop the hate. We need unity among all citizens at this delicate time in our country’s history. No matter what your political beliefs are, your religious beliefs are, your race, your sexuality, or your financial status, at the end of the day we are all still Americans. Our diversity is what has made this country the most powerful nation on earth. Please remember, united...

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