Day: November 10, 2016

Keizer man celebrates Trump victory with cannon

One Keizer man was arrested and two more given citations stemming from a decision to celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential victory by lighting off a cannon. On Wednesday, November 9, at 8:47 p.m. officers from the Keizer Police Department responded along with members of the Keizer Fire District to the intersection of 7th Avenue Northeast and Kestrel Street Northeast on a report a loud explosion. One concerned and alarmed citizen reported there was a large plume of smoke seen after the explosion. The cause was not immediately known and it was not known if anybody had been injured. The responding police officers arrived within two minutes of receiving the call and observed the large plume of smoke was still lingering in the air behind the residence located at 5130 7th Avenue N.E. Officers made contact with a female subject who was located in the driveway of the residence and began a conversation with her as they attempted to determine the cause of the explosion and if anybody had been injured.  As officers were speaking with the female subject in the driveway, her boyfriend confronted them. That man, later identified as 21-year old Triston Potee of Keizer refused to follow the officer’s orders and he grabbed one of the officers as he confronted them. Poteet was taken into custody at that time for Harassment and Interfering with a Police Officer. The officers continued investigating...

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The all-Trump election

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Let me tell you about my life since Donald Trump won the Republican primary. I voted against Trump in June because of his history as an unreliable conservative and longtime supporter of big government. I voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson in the general election. Yet I have had this dark presence that has shadowed me. Wherever I have gone, I have been put in the position of explaining or defending Trump by people who saw it as my duty to denounce The Donald. On the radio and in speaking appearances, it has fallen to me to explain to Bay Area audiences why someone who is not a complete idiot would vote for Trump. I can only assume that my questioners don’t know any Trump voters — other than relatives they must endure over cocktails during holidays. To mention that Trump was preferable on regulation, Obamacare or the U.S. Supreme Court was to invite scorn. How dare anyone conjure up issues when Trump’s rhetoric is so divisive? I’ve watched countless hours of cable news, during which reporters grilled Republicans about whether they would vote for Trump in November. Never once did I see a reporter demand that Democrats disclose whether they would vote for Clinton, even though she had set up home-brew servers for State Department emails and then deleted thousands of those emails after they...

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