Day: October 28, 2016

It’s decision time for Oregon voters, here’s a primer

With ballots making their way to voters, the Keizertimes took a look at some of the major issues and the local candidates in contested races. We are not endorsing any of these measures or candidates in this article, merely presenting a look at the issues and potential effects. STATE MEASURES Measure 97 A “yes” vote would increase Oregon’s corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million, removes tax limits and increase revenues available for education, healthcare and senior services. A “no” vote retains existing tax minimums, including a cap of $100,000. The measure would generate approximately $3 billion per...

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Camp gone, homelessness isn’t

Mike could sleep standing up. It wasn’t a parlor trick he’d learned to impress people, it was a survival skill. He’d spent much of his late teens and early twenties homeless and figured out that if he could find a 24-hour laundromat and leaned up against the dryers while they ran, it solved two problems: 1) he could sleep in a warm, dry place, and 2) people would simply think he was waiting for his clothes to dry and not hassle him for loitering. I thought about Mike for the first time in years as I nervously walked across the street hoping to talk with some of the members of a homeless camp that had been slowly growing for three days. I’d been watching mentions of the camp pick up throughout the weekend on a couple of social media sites and figured it was only a matter of time before the Keizer Police Department were asked to intervene. It turned out officers had talked with members of the group a few hours before I summoned up the guts to approach them. Like Mike, the man I met at the old Roth’s building, Wiz, has his own areas of expertise. He knows the warmth and security of sleeping next to a stranger on a frigid night, he knows that we could drown the predators of the world in the wells...

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