Submitted photo (Keizer Police)

Submitted photo (Keizer Police)

The clown scare sweeping the nation hit Keizer Thursday, Oct. 6.

Keizer police ticketed two 14-year-olds for disorderly conduct after conspiring to scare a pair of women at the Salem Clinic urgent care office at 5900 Inland Shores Way N.

About 8:15 p.m., officers responded to the report of a clown chasing two women back inside the facility. The victims, two 20-year roommates from Salem, told investigating officers they were both walking across the clinic parking lot towards their separate vehicles when a male subject who was not dressed as a clown screamed, “Clown,” at them and began running toward them.

After the first male had gotten their attention, both women saw another person dressed in a clown costume that was also running directly at them.  Between the two, the women feared for their safety.

When they reached the doors they were locked, the women pounded on the doors to get the attention of the people who still remained inside.  Moments later they were let inside and an employee of the clinic immediately called to report the incident to the police.

In addition to the call that was received from the urgent care clinic employee, another witness called 9-1-1 to report she saw a clown chasing a subject southbound on River Road North just east of the Urgent Care clinic.

The witness reported the subject who was being chased by the clown was screaming and she feared that someone was going to be hurt. The witness remained in the vicinity for officers to arrive so she could point out where she had last seen the clown chasing the male subject. Officers located the two suspects in the parking lot of the Lakepoint Apartments on Lakepoint Place North.

One subject, who was dressed in a black and red jester costume, and the other male subject who was involved in the incident were identified as 14-year old boys who both reside in Keizer. Both subjects cooperated with the investigation and admitted they were trying to scare the two victims as part of a prank that has been widely shared and on social media.

One of the boys said he had watched YouTube videos of other incidents and found it to be funny, which is why he took part in the incident.

The matter will be referred to the Marion County Juvenile Department for review and final disposition. The black and red jester costume was seized by the investigating officers.