Day: October 7, 2016

SPEAKING FOR THE TREE: Council denies heritage designation

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes When Roberta Schmechel spotted one of her neighborhood trees in the Keizertimes last week, she felt compelled to speak on its behalf at a Keizer City Council meeting Monday, Oct. 3. “We look up the street at this tree and it’s a beautiful, symmetrical tree,” Schmecnel said. “When the leaves are off the other trees, that one is magnificent. I think it is worth being called a heritage tree.” Schmechel wasn’t the only Lorax in the audience. Keizer resident Cathy Philbrick also pleaded the case for the protecting the tree. “I really care deeply about the living environment. We have a tall eastern white pine in our yard that was causing trouble for a neighbor, but we worked together and consulted with an arborist who was able to prune the tree without damaging it. This tree should be a heritage tree and I feel strongly it should be preserved.” The owners of the tree applied to have the tree designated as a heritage tree by the city council. The designation would have prevented any type of pruning or other significant change to the look of the tree without written permission of the city, but the council unanimously denied the petition. The giant sequoia on Dennis Lane Northeast is approximately 100 feet tall and has become a point of irritation for the neighbors...

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Doutt wins girls race, Honeyman and Martinez PR

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes McNary junior Kailey Doutt was looking forward to competing against South Salem sophomore Anna Chau and North Salem junior Madison Willhoft, two of the top runners in the Greater Valley Conference, Wednesday, Oct. 5 at Bush Park. But she’ll have to wait. Willhoft missed the race with the flu while Chau, the defending conference champion, decided to run with the boys, finishing sixth in a season best 18:18. “I was kind of mad,” Doutt said. “I was disappointed because I was looking forward to racing them because I haven’t since the (GVC) preview meet and I wanted to see where I was with Madison because she usually beats me but our times are super close.” Willhoft and Doutt placed fourth and fifth respectively in the district meet last year at Bush Park. “I was looking for them to push me to run faster,” Doutt said. “When I run by myself it’s harder to push myself and compete so that makes a big difference in time.” With Chau and Willhoft out, Doutt led from start to finish, easily winning the girls race in 20:22. North Salem freshman Abi Swain took second in 20:42. “I had a pretty nice lead,” Doutt said. “I could hear one girl breathing behind me like the first mile but I think she dropped off a little bit after. I...

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Keizer boys ticketed after clown scare

The clown scare sweeping the nation hit Keizer Thursday, Oct. 6. Keizer police ticketed two 14-year-olds for disorderly conduct after conspiring to scare a pair of women at the Salem Clinic urgent care office at 5900 Inland Shores Way N. About 8:15 p.m., officers responded to the report of a clown chasing two women back inside the facility. The victims, two 20-year roommates from Salem, told investigating officers they were both walking across the clinic parking lot towards their separate vehicles when a male subject who was not dressed as a clown screamed, “Clown,” at them and began running toward them. After the first male had gotten their attention, both women saw another person dressed in a clown costume that was also running directly at them.  Between the two, the women feared for their safety. When they reached the doors they were locked, the women pounded on the doors to get the attention of the people who still remained inside.  Moments later they were let inside and an employee of the clinic immediately called to report the incident to the police. In addition to the call that was received from the urgent care clinic employee, another witness called 9-1-1 to report she saw a clown chasing a subject southbound on River Road North just east of the Urgent Care clinic. The witness reported the subject who was being chased by the clown...

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McNary shuts out Vikings

By HERB SWETT Of the Keizertimes McNary whipped Forest Grove 24-0 at home Friday, Sept. 30, improving to 3-2 and leaving the Vikings winless. Josiah Gilbert was the Celtics’ star, scoring two rushing touchdowns, throwing a touchdown, and intercepting a pass. AJ Johnk kicked a 21-yard field goal and three extra points. Johnk’s squib kickoff started the game, and the Celtic defense kept Forest Grove from getting anywhere with the ball. A punt from Cole Hammond went out of bounds at the Viking 44-yard line, and a run by Brendan Van Voorhis got McNary to the 35. Forest Grove held the Celtics to no gain on the next two plays, but on fourth down quarterback Josiah Gilbert ran to the right all the way into the end zone. Johnk’s kick gave the Celtics a 7-0 lead with 8:44 left in the first quarter. Soon after the second quarter started, Lucas Garvey intercepted a Forest Grove pass at the McNary 15. A few plays later, the Vikings got the ball back on a fumble and had first down and goal to go at the Celtic 8. Tackles by Kolby Barker and Gilbert held the visitors, and McNary had the ball back at its 11-yard line. Again the Celtic offense faltered, with a pass from Tyler Ellertson being picked off by Chino Davis at the Forest Grove 9. But the McNary...

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