Month: September 2016

Freedom of, and from, religion

Being ignorant does not necessarily mean a person is evil or bad; rather, it simply can mean that the person does not know.  He may not wish to know something and he may reject knowledge in order to protect his beliefs.  Whatever the case, this consideration with all its permutations and complications has a lot to do with a debate that’s continued unsettled in the minds of many among us for well over 200 years.  Is the United States of America a Christian nation? There are a few arguments that, when considered, may serve to refute what turns out to be a Christian nation myth.  Yet, even with presentation of relevant information, the myth’s legacy endures and has now—as it has for all those years since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in the late 1700s—and remains to influence American politics and public policy. But let’s get directly into this persistent issue with this relevant question: If a Christian nation had been the intent of our nation’s founders, would those men of old not have written it at the very front of our Constitution?  However, if the seeker of truth will just read the document from start to finish he will find no reference to God, Jesus Christ, or Christianity.  If one stays within the document itself, it does not state that our nation is officially a Christian nation. The Constitution provides...

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McNary to open season at North

By DEREK WILEY Of the Keizertimes Kolby Barker enters the Sept. 2 season opener against North Salem confident. The McNary senior has at least three reasons to be: 34-21, 35-21 and 41-0. Those are the scores of the Celtics wins over North Salem the last three seasons. “I certainly don’t intend to lose,” Barker said. “We shouldn’t have an issue with that. We’ve always had better players and I think that’s going to continue. I feel very comfortable with our personnel matchup against theirs. I’m excited. I feel really good about our game plan for it.” Barker and the rest of the McNary defense got an idea of what it will line up against when the Celtics played Canby Thursday, Aug. 25 in a preseason jamboree. Both the Cougars and Vikings run a Wing-T. “We got to be a little more physical than we were with Canby, for sure,” Barker said. “We’ve got to come out ready to play. We started slow like we’ve done in the past. That’s always been kind of our issue. That’s a good reminder of how we cannot play.” McNary head coach Jeff Auvinen called his team’s play in the jamboree “typical.” “We made some nice plays on both sides of the ball,” he said. “We made some plays that weren’t very good. We had some alignment issues. It was good to hit somebody...

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